Notes On The Stock Market Essay

1373 Words Nov 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Portfolio Contest The first week on the stock market the student was completely new to this, creating a portfolio for the first time and having to watch the tutorial videos offered by the website in order to get knowledge of how to do trades. starting with $50.000 the student is expected to do trades every week and check his portfolio on a daily basis. After learning the basics of how to invest, the student decided to start investing, Hewlett-Packard being his first choice, he bought the stock for $2,900, each share for the price of $14.49. The reasons for this investment were, the stock price was at a very low price and HP Inc. The company recently released the HP Pavilion Wave which is a new speaker-computer, this glamorous speaker-computer has all the functions of a regular CPU and the look of a modern speaker. This week was also released the HP Elite Slice which is a mini computer that could be fit in a pocket. In recent times HP has been working on their firms collaborating with each other by distributing costs in order to improve profits and the corporate social responsibilities which may cause a profit on the firms. On the other hand, there are mutual funds, where beginner investors like the student should start. Mutual funds are a managed basket of stocks that have a slow and steady growth that would be easier to have control over and earning a small percentage over a long time. Taking this into account the student decided to put…

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