Notes On The Gospel Essentials Essay

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Benchmark: Gospel Essentials
A worldview is a foundation of set assumptions to which one person commits to and lives their lives according to their belief in this worldview. Everyone has a different worldview that is both supported by faith and reason. The Christian Worldview consists of God, Humanity, Jesus, and the Restoration. This view does not contain just one’s personal faith expression, it’s an all- around, all-consuming way of life. The Christian worldview affirms that God is almighty and sovereign Lord of all existence because He created everything from the beginning. Our identity is shaped by this worldview because it gives us a sense of God’s plan and purpose for our lives and for this world.

God God, the creator of our universe and the Father of all humanity, knows every single intimate detail of what He created here on earth. He sees all things and hears all things. He knows our very own thoughts and the depths of our hearts. He calls us each by name and notices us in crowds of ten thousand. He is known as the “Sovereign Creator of all things” (Hiles and Smith, 2014). Meaning He is the one and only true God, that made everything and gave life to everyone with His breathe. God created the universe so that all praise, honor, and glory would go to Him. He is a just and loving God that sent down His one and only Son to die for all of our sins. If that isn’t love than I don’t know what is. His justice and unfailing grace found in Jesus is what helps…

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