Notes On ' Guilt ' Essay

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Looking at the list of emotions and examining each one closely, I’ve come across the word guilty. This emotion is something I feel I struggle with every day. Being a mom of 3 beautiful girls, who are growing like weeds before my eyes while I work a fulltime job and attend school, causes me to sit in bed every night trying to figure out how I can do better tomorrow. The thoughts race through my head of what tomorrow can bring, the actions I need to take and how today is gone, but with tomorrow comes hope to make a change. The following notions occur; tomorrow I will shout less at them. Tomorrow I will be more patient with them. Tomorrow I will put everything down, get on the floor and play with them more. Tomorrow I will belly laugh and joke with them. Tomorrow I will love on them more and make sure that they know mommy loves them with all she has and absolutely adores them. Tomorrow I will feel less guilty and be more of the kind of mom I so desire to be.

You see, having 3 very persistent, determined little girls with very different personalities is hard. As delightful and amusing as they can be, they can also be utterly frustrating. Insert a mommy who gets easily frustrated after a full day of work and a long drive home in traffic with a pile of school work pending completion, well things can get ugly. Then add the fact that me and my daughters are very stubborn, prideful and entirely too much alike, as we all enjoy being in control. The thing is they are 4, 5,…

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