Essay on Not It Stop By Rise Against Bullying

1498 Words Oct 15th, 2016 6 Pages
When you hear the word suicide what do you think of? Suicide is the act in which someone kills themselves for many reasons. In the world today many teenagers are pushed to ledge of suicide because of bullying. Although we may not see it, many consider it everyday. There are many organizations that help support those who are suicidal. Not only there are organizations, there is also songs, movies or even books that can help support those in need. One song in particular is “Make It Stop” by Rise Against. In this song we see how bullying can lead to suicide.
In this song we follow the story of three students who are bullied for the way they are. This song in particular focuses around those who are gay. Unlike a regular story line, we transition many times to see different parts of their lives. Flipping back and forth between their lives we see different aspects of what led up to their suicide attempt. However, unlike some songs we are given their names and basic understanding of their lives. This connects with people because we are shown these are actual people. For those struggling with depression, bullying or any other aspect that makes them consider suicide, they are shown that even someone who is bullied for the way they are can make a big difference in world. This is shown towards the end of the song. At the end we see all three of their futures and they all are very successful. This shows that suicide is not the right answer and everything will get better in the end. One…

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