Not A Sound Can Be Heard From The Dark And Silent Black Timber

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Not a sound can be heard in the dark and silent black timber. The brutal terrain gradually slopes as a hunter walks out and onto the next ridge. Wind howls as it blows across the mountainside, for nothing blocks it. Monster mule deer graze on the horizon as bighorn sheep bed down on some rocks, prepared for any situation that may arise. The Rockies are not just home to mighty animals but a wide variety of people as well: The Roadhunter, The Nature Hunter, and The Hardcore Hunter.
The most recognized Rocky Mountain Hunter is The Roadhunter; a local who never steps out of their vehicle unless he spots an animal. When he locates an animal, The Roadhunter jumps out of the vehicle, grabs his weapon, and illegally shoots from the road. To legally fire a gun, a hunter must be at least fifty feet off the road, but does not care. He is never caught for disobeying the law and openly tells anyone except the conservation officer. This hunter drives the same stretch of road very slowly from sunrise to sunset with periodic glassing stops. The Roadhunter is generally a nice person willing to share valuable information with other people. He never scouts the area before season and does not know what is beyond the first ridge. The binoculars and rangefinder rest on the dash where they await use, and no matter the temperature, all the windows are rolled down to allow for a true view of the terrain. A few years ago while hunting in Colorado, my dad and uncle chased a herd of elk they had…

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