Essay about North Carolina And The Affordable Care Act

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January 03, 2015 North Carolina and the Affordable Care Act
Even though the Affordable Care Act was implemented there is still a misperception of how policy changes are impacting the health and well-being of a population. A significant percentage of the people lack full information of how the Affordable Care Act will affect them as individuals and society as a whole. The purpose of this paper is to address some of the implications of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina’s uninsured population.
Insurance Coverage In 2011, being poor, the unemployed, or homeless did not qualify a person for Medicaid if he/she was a childless adult in North Carolina (Milstead, 2013, p. 202). The beginning of 2014, a significant percentage of the population in North Carolina have become eligible for health care insurance with the creation of Health Benefits Exchange. In June of 2012, the Supreme Court ruled to allow states the option of expanding coverage. North Carolina is one state that opted out to expand Medicaid coverage. As a result, many of the uninsured that would have been eligible, will remain without an insurance option.
The problem is The Affordable Care Act requires each state to have a Health Benefits Exchange that offers information about eligibility with the option to shop for the best plans to suit individual needs to meet the minimal requirements. It also compares plans based on the quality, costs, provider networks, and helps individuals and small businesses…

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