Divorce And Relationships

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Growing up I was blessed to have both of my parents in my life, but in August 2015, my father left the family and my mother became a single parent. This tragedy took a huge emotional toll on me and I struggled with coping for a while. I felt as though my father left because he no longer loved me or that I wasn’t worth staying. I also battled with letting my wall down in relationships because I feared getting hurt because of how my father hurt me. Although I experienced the separation of my parents and emotional distress later on in my teen years, many children face this change at an even younger age. Since children’s emotions aren’t fully developed, does divorce and single parenting affect the emotional development and future relationships of a child? Many adults have been children of divorce and have …show more content…
With the “normalization” of divorce within a society, it has weakened the negative impact on children (Wolfinger 340). Since divorce has become an issue that society has accepted to be normal and not a big deal, children aren’t as negatively affected. Does this normalization of divorce reduce the percentage of people who believe that divorce is their fate because of their parents? Also, many children might accept divorce but others see the wrong in it. Wallerstein, a psychologist and researcher, claims that a failed marriage is almost unacceptable in the minds of children of divorce because they witnessed firsthand the unhappiness that divorce brought to their parents and to themselves (197). These children comprehend that divorce is not a situation that should occur due to the negative emotions it brought upon them and their family. How do these children manage to not allow this situation affect their emotions long-term and future relationships? Is this side of children dominant over the side that accepts the fate of

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