Non Medical Exemptions Schools Should Be Mandatory Essay examples

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In America, our beliefs and opinion is respected and taken into consideration, but there will always be an opposing side and that is where the conflict begins. In the case of non-medical exemptions schools should make them and in general make every student have mandatory vaccinations. With that being said there is 50 states who allow exemptions only for the students who have a valid reason or their parents object to it and have a Vaccine Education Certificate.

If not always, most of the time there is always someone or a group of people who want to oppose in an argument or decision. In this case it should be mandatory for all students to get vaccines, it is a way for the government to control the health of the whole community. At the end of the day it is a personal decision but now there is concerned parents who have to find ways to protect their children due to the lack of cooperation of some parents that prevent their kids from getting vaccines. To prevent all this conflict between parents all children should get the required vaccines. If there is a vaccine for a certain virus, it is because the virus is going around and all the vaccine does is prevent it from spreading. In schools it should be essential for every student to get vaccines, because physical contact happens between student and teachers and that is exactly how a virus spreads, by physical contact.

Medical exemptions should be more unaccommodating. If a parent wants a medical exemption they should have a…

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