Non Conformism Essay

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We all have certain aspects to our lives that can be seen as unusual to others in society. Nonconformists do not accept the rules that society has given them to follow. On the other hand, conformists are concerned with the opinions of others, they have realistic expectations, and they follow society’s rules. Emerson’s quote: “Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist,” is saying that to be a true person is to be bold, individualistic, and have strong convictions of their own self-awareness. Nonconformists are innovators, committed, and they follow their passion. Nonconformists take up responsibility, realize their are not entitled, and follow their passion. A nonconformist is someone who is doing what they believe is good for not only themselves …show more content…
Some nonconformists of the world were outcasted by society initially. Nonconformists find and follow their passion. I am passionate about biology because it gives the power to make a change in society. The world is stricken with many diseases and having the possibility of making a cure is astonishing to me. One day, my goal is to have a job in the field of biology. Every Saturday afternoon, I travel to the University of Michigan to study genes related to the human genome. I research genes associated with certain diseases such as heart disease and cancer. This opportunity allows me to follow my passion and get a head start of what I want to do in the future.
My life started out as being a nonconformist because I did not understand society’s rules and I had no one to please. Kids have imagination that they are not afraid to express, they are willing to tell the truth because they have nothing to hide. When I was young, I asked my first grade teacher if she had a baby in her tummy, but the thing was she was not pregnant she just gained weight. As I grow up and mature, I become more of a conformist because I seek the approval and praises of my family, my teachers, and my friends. Even this essay is a conformist act, seeking the approval of my

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