Nonconformity In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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Nonconformity is the refusal to obey society, being distinctive to oneself. To conform one must act in accordance with their society. In Fahrenheit 451, the society is made for there to be one type of person, which is a conformer. In this book, conformers are not to read books, nor to convey themselves, for it is offensive to others. Non-conformers homes and books are to be burnt, and the possessors of the books are to go to jail or to get killed. In Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, there are people who are conformers such as Mildred and Mrs. Bowles and there are non-conformers like Faber. Mildred is a prime example of a conformer in Fahrenheit 451. This society turned her into a drone, she has been convinced that it is wrong to read books and to communicate with others, because this society has taught her to live this way. Instead of Mildred communicating with others, she sits in the parlor …show more content…
Books are a big part of lives today and play important roles. In the society of Fahrenheit 451, books are forbidden, and only two types of people stand in the way, conformers and non-conformers. People who abide with their society and those who abide with their heart. Mildred and Mrs. Bowles did what they were supposed to do in the eyes of their society, they did not have an appetite for this way of life and dreaded waking up in the morning and going to slumber at night. Conformers tried to consume their time, doing things they did not favor. Faber did not live how everybody else did, he was his own person, and not a clone of everybody else. Faber was disobedient to his society and did what he thought was right, and he learned to love, and loved to learn. To conclude, in Fahrenheit 451, there are leaders and followers, there are teachers and there are firemen, but one can only know who they are if they follow their heart with no fear of

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