No Truer Words About Sex Essay

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No truer words were spoken than from Professor Schlussman as he repeated it multiple times to a room filled with students who knew from experience the truth of it, “Kids are cruel”. This comment was directed at a discussion about the categorization we currently have of the sexes. In the United States it’s recognized that a person can be atomically either a female or male, and any difference is considered an outlier in out binary system. In turn, it’s thought that these children will be ridiculed for their novel physique. In particular, our sex is determined most exclusively by our outward appearance and then by the characteristic of our personality. However, as scientists explore beyond these boundaries, we realize simply stating that sex belongs in one of two categories is narrow minded and seemingly unethical. It is something that is much more complex, and perhaps even making an individual pick a category isn’t the most appropriate course of action. It may be best to let the individual pick what they think is best for them for not only their well being, but to create a much more accepting society.
Most recently, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of homosexual marriage. It was thought that it was radical to think, in a government that mixes in religion, that marriage should constitute anything else besides a man and woman. However, even previous to this, homosexuals have been portrayed on popular television shows (such as Modern Family) and movies (Philadelphia), causing us…

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