Essay about No The Heart Co By Brian Caswell And David Phu An Chiem

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Literature enlightens one’s mind; it opens a gateway to another dimension it captivates our thoughts and takes us to and fro into other cultures, writes Gurjyot Singh.
ustralia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. This multiplicity of cultures brings with it diversity and differences. Literature thoroughly discusses these key components and makes us re-think our thought process about multiculturalism. Therefore, literature should be studied to its full potential because through literature we develop and feel a new way of life and gain a thorough knowledge of a variety of concepts, which are beneficial and captivating. The concept of “culture” is engraved in and throughout the novel Only the Heart co-authored by Brian Caswell and David Phu An Chiem. Thus, the main cultural group explored throughout the novel is the Vietnamese people. Novel Only the Heart – A deep, non-stop journey through culture.
Only the Heart is a novel full of tragedy and heart-break. It takes us through an incredible journey portraying profoundly, the hardships and tragedies that a Vietnamese family endures through communism. Throughout the novel, Vietnamese people are epitomized as having with a hard life with struggle. This becomes particularly clear in the novel when the Vo family members make themselves to leave their home country and precious belongings behind for Australia in ‘rusty-old’ boats with thousands of other refugees. This tells us that the Vo family had a hard…

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