' No Room At The Inn, And Robert Chapman's Fossil Fuel Interlude?

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Within the articles written by Ivan Illich “Energy and Equity”, Robert Chapman’s “No Room at the Inn”, and Alf Hornborg “Fossil Fuel Interlude”, each take on the topic of how society’s utilization of energy and/or technology could shape a society’s equity and environment. Illich claimed the more energy a society used, the more it would infringe on their own rights and freedoms, ultimately their equity. Chapman goes into depth on human population and the consequences it’s growth can have on society itself and the environment. With Hornborg lastly affirming how the problems mostly seen today—degradation, starvation, injustice, financial ruin—all can be sourced from a single problem, the disparity between social systems and thermodynamics. The three authors of these three pieces, …show more content…
Illich in his own words states his argument as, “...under some circumstances, a technology incorporates the values of the society for which it was invented to such a degree that these values become dominant in every society which applies that technology.” More precisely, Illich hypothesizes how the more an energy system is broadened, the more it increasingly develops into a larger scale the more negative outcomes will materialize because of it. Negative outcomes pertaining to inequality--specifically class prejudice--as well as the an individual’s freedoms decreasing, decreasing equity’s value. Illich explains how “the iron cage” coined by Max Weber and described in the text would eventually close due to an increases of

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