Essay on No Need For Capital Punishment

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No Need for Capital Punishment
Alfred Brown was sentenced to death in 2005 for the murders of a Houston police officer and a store clerk during a robbery. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals had overturned Brown’s conviction in 2015 due to prosecutors withholding a phone record that supported Brown’s alibi. Alfred brown is one of 155 people who had been sentenced to death but was actually innocent. (The Innocence List). This is an astounding large number due to the fact that all these people were convicted but innocent. Capital punishment should be banned because it is exceptionally expensive, DNA testing shows that many convicted felons are actually innocent and it is inhumane. Capital punishment is exceptionally expensive due to administering death penalty cases, hours put in by extra personnel, and jury selection. Administering death penalty cases is extremely expensive. From 1980 to 2012 California spent $4 billion on administering death penalty cases, but only executed 13 individuals. Costs from state to state vary, but the consensus is there is too much money being spent for such few cases. Cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is in act cost 1.26 million. (Cost of) Extra personnel is needed to ensure the fact that the inmate sentenced to death row is truly guilty. Death penalty cases cost more than ordinary cases because all the lawyers, judges, and other personnel will put more hours into preparing for the…

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