Alfred Brown Capital Punishment

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No Need for Capital Punishment
Alfred Brown was sentenced to death in 2005 for the murders of a Houston police officer and a store clerk during a robbery. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals had overturned Brown’s conviction in 2015 due to prosecutors withholding a phone record that supported Brown’s alibi. Alfred brown is one of 155 people who had been sentenced to death but was actually innocent. (The Innocence List). This is an astounding large number due to the fact that all these people were convicted but innocent. Capital punishment should be banned because it is exceptionally expensive, DNA testing shows that many convicted felons are actually innocent and it is inhumane. Capital punishment is exceptionally expensive due
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The process of capital punishment is inhumane due to inhumane actions put on by the court system. The initial step in a criminal prosecution whereby the defendant is brought before the court to hear the charges and enter a plea. The taking or keeping of a person in custody by legal authority in response to a criminal offense or charge. Sentencing, after considering the jury recommendation, the court formally pronounces punishment of the defendant. The amount of time spent on death row is absurd. In 2010, a death row inmate waited on average of 178 months (roughly 15 years). Nearly a quarter of deaths on death row are due to natural causes. Certain prisoners are on death row for well over 20 years. (Capital Punishment) The end result of capital punishment differs from state to state regardless it is inhumane. Lethal injection is the most common method used in the present because it is deemed most humane; however, a recent case using lethal injection made the inmate wait over two hours to die. Firing squad is normally composed of several military personnel or law enforcement officers, all members firing simultaneously. Hanging has been the most used form of capital punishment, but lately has decreased because it is deemed inhumane. Capital punishment is inhumane because of these …show more content…
The cost are adequate to ensure the inmate is guilty. The costs are necessary because death row inmates are the worst of the worst criminals. These costs are necessary because of all the trouble inmates have cause. In addition, people pay just a bit more taxes to get rid of mass murders. It is not inhumane because of the actions performed by these criminals. Lethal injection is humane because most of the time it is a quick and easy death. Firing squad is humane because nobody really knows who really killed the inmate. Inmates of this stature are more than deserving to die. Until proven innocent all death row inmates deserve to die due to crimes they are accused of committing. This is because of the horrendous crimes they have committed. These death row inmates have affected so many families because of their actions, and this is justice for all the grieving families. Capital punishment should be allowed and should not be banned because it puts the worse criminals

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