Essay on No Matter - Original Writing

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No matter how much she downplayed the romance, deep down Serena felt nothing but true happiness with Ric, she knew he was not perfect, he was far from; dating him, it lay almost as a gamble, marrying him some would see that as suicide given Ric’s track record. However, she did not care he warmed her heart in a way no one else had managed and she secretly enjoyed it when he doted on her in the lives outside the hospital.

Reaching up for her ring, in a dazed state Serena instantly removed it from her chain and held the ring between two fingers. Observing the white gold band and diamond, she had no need for it now she felt she could not walk around expressing her engagement to a dead man; what was the point. The ring, it now felt like a trophy a way for her to keep him as hers, she hated that thought; Serena slipped it into her scrubs pocket and headed back inside to return the ring to its rightful owner.

For the remainder of her shift, Serena carried on as if nothing had happened simply blocking out her emotions, knowing that she had already revealed far too much. Her colleagues let her get on with it, they knew better than to try to coach her into becoming the weeping and overly hysterical girlfriend.

Everyone but Raf, he had this need that made it come across that he were undermining the way Serena dealt with her personal problems, almost to cover his own arse when things were not going his way. Heading towards the AAU office, he tapped the door and headed in; he knew…

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