Essay about No Day On God 's Earth

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Every day on God’s earth, we see the mother who works 17 hours a day at the laundromat, just so her child can have proper food on the table. We see the mother who endures countless challenges in life, just so her child can live calmly. We see the mother who works four jobs per day, just to fund her child’s college education, and the mother, whom on her deathbed, only asks that her child be looked after. These are mere examples of motherly love. This type of love has existed since the beginning of humanity and lasts until this day. Now we have to ask ourselves, why would a human being sacrifice everything for their child? What is this emotional and physical bond between a mother and her child?
A mother’s love for her child is almost immeasurable. This amazing attachment apparent in motherly affection has more depth than mentionable. Mitch Albom says in For One More Day, “When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know”, or as witnessed in countless poems by Iranian poet Parvin E’tesami such as, “she lay awake by my side through the night, to make sure I could sleep right” or “ she laid a smile on my face, and words on my lips”. According to the Quran, “The entrance to heaven lies under the feet of mothers” because of their love and sacrifice. This motherly love cannot be taken away, nor can it be destroyed. It is not restricted by time, it is not bound by a physical form, and it is not limited by numbers. Fascinating.
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