Essay On Nike Apteros

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From the very famous Greek temples is the temple of victory- Nike Apteros also called as “the temple of Athena”, Athena as the Goddess of victory. The temple was considered as the symbol of victory of the Greeks on the Persians. The temple is located at the Southwest corner of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, and is considered the smallest temple out there, constructed by the same architect who built the Parthenon- Kallikrates. Apteros Nike originally means wing-less victory that’s why the statue inside the temple was built with no wings, they also believed that if it had no wings it won’t be able to ever leave Athens.
On the other hand, from the very famous Roman temples comes the temple of Portunus, which is located in Rome, Italy and is dedicated to a youthful God of rivers and seaports- Portunus, it is a very famous
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The temple of Portunus showed many elements of different architectural traditions as the high podium and the strong fronting from the Italic and the ionic ordered columns and the engaged pilasters and columns from the Hellenistic.
Those temples are considered from the most important temples of Greek and Roman architecture that inspired so many architects and that need to be studied and seen by many architects as they have shown so many architectural traditions in their style, plan and their ways of construction, they showed victory and youth they showed so many confusions and differences and also similarities between Roman and Greek architecture and ways of thinking that needed to be studied and focused

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