Night Witnessed The Horror Of The Holocaust Essay

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The holocaust was a devastating time in history that affected many people. The main character and author of the book Night witnessed the horror of the holocaust first hand from 1942 to 1945. Depending on the person and what they have personally been through their reactions to their faith can change drastically. Adversity and devastation can have different effects on people because they react differently, just because someone reacts one way does not mean everyone will react the same way. The reason people are strengthened or destroyed by adversity, depends on their personal experiences, how they view things, and the people around them. There are different reasons that Elie responded the way he did, his personal experiences, how people viewed things and the people around him. His experiences that contributed to him not believing in his faith any more are; being put into a concentration camp at a young age and losing his family. There were many times in any of the camps that he wondered why God was not doing anything about what was happening. When he first got to the concentration camps he was very optimistic and by the end of the book he became pessimistic. He did not know how to deal with everything that was going on around him because of his young age. He went to Buna and Birkenau they are two sub camps within Auschwitz. Elie was broken by the end of the book and had no life in him. In an excerpt from his memoir Night, Elie exclaims, “From the depths of the mirror a…

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