Nick Jensen's Opinion Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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The issue of same sex marriage has been circulating in the Australian media frequently in the past few years with many people pushing for, or against, it’s progression. Nick Jensen wrote an opinion piece online ‘Gay law change may force us to divorce’ (10/06/15) about why he believes gay marriage should not be legalised and how it will “force” himself and his wife to divorce. Before the audience even reads the piece they are drawn in by Jensen’s wording in the title. By saying that the gay law change will “force” himself and his wife to divorce it causes the audience to be curious about why exactly that may be.
Jensen opens his piece with an explanation of the title stating that “after [his] divorce, [he and his wife] will continue to live
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He tells that he and his wife “refuse to recognise the government’s regulation of marriage if its definition includes the solemnisation of same sex couples.” In saying that he and his wife “refuse to recognise” marriage as an advanced definition he is offering no alternatives and tries to compel the audience to respect and support his marriage to his wife who he shares is “[his] perfect match”. In hearing about Jensen’s relationship with his wife as his “high school sweetheart” and love of his life he urges the audience to feel compassionate at the destruction of his …show more content…
Freedman states “how can we blithely accept the same kind of discrimination based on sexuality?” by comparing inter-racial marriage and same-sex being illegal Freedman causes the audience to think about the issue in a different way with an open mind. She also states that the Government “[discriminates] lesbian and gay Australians.” And by using a word as strong as “discrimination” is does not lighten the issue, in fact it causes it to seem more like segregation of a minority more than anything which appals

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