Color Of Love Research Paper

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The color of one’s skin, cultural background, or gender shall not be the aspects and definitions of love. It is an internal bodily sensation one feels for another human being, where one can express externally how he or she is feeling. Marriage is one of the biggest symbols of love. Two people in love can show the whole world that they are, indeed, for one another with this simple act. Unfortunately, the freedom to love one another through the act of marriage was not a given to Richard and Mildred Loving. The factor being Mildred Loving was an African American woman and Richard Loving, a White American. The skin color of the couple is what set them apart in distance but not in heart. Although they were in times of racial segregation and discrimination, …show more content…
Particularly, people of “color” or African American, were frowned upon in the Southern States of America. The Northern States had this controversy as well, just not as exploited as the South. A person of color in the 1950s were not innately handed the same rights as a person of “non-color”, which is, White, and therefore, the people of color have concluded being treated unequally. The most famous people of history came out of the movement for equality and freedom for colored people, known as the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was one of the superior leaders in the 19th century, who rose great attention to inequality and created one of the biggest historical events we remember today. In the book, The Struggle for Black Equality, by Harvard Sitkoff, explains how great of an issue being of different colored skin added to the struggles they were already facing as humans. He added how drastically this affected not just coloreds, but Whites as well. “Nearly a quarter of a million attended the March on Washington to petition for black rights, including at least seventy-five thousand white” (Sitkoff 149). Dr. King led the March on Washington, followed by mainly many African-Americans; to have a voice about racial discrimination and put it end to it all. His famous “I Have a Dream” speech was being heard all around the world and pushed forward with the already movement of Civil Rights. In brief, he described his aspirations for society in accepting, not only his vision, but also the vision of his people, in the same realm as Whites. To compare, Mildred Loving was involved in this spectrum of discrimination for her skin color. Another hardship was facing her way, marrying a White

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