New Products And Services Within The Creative Industry Sector

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The success of new products and services within the creative industry sector is dependent on the product or services ability to employ various key concepts. The key concepts of attention, digital literacy and networks will be used to evaluate the theoretical soundness of the StudentLyfe news service. Attention is a rare commodity in an information rich society, which is why it’s vital to be able to shift through the non-essential information. To do this, consumers must have a sound knowledge of digital literacy. With the availability of producing new content, consumers must be able to access and understand vast amounts of information. Social networks are incredibly important to the success of any new service, particularly StudentLyfe. The concepts of attention, digital literacy and networks have informed and are employed by the producers of StudentLyfe.
StudentLyfe was informed by the key concept of attention in the design phase, as well as employing this concept in the production of the service. The key concept of attention is a social practice that has become a scarce resource in an information rich society (Hartley et al. 2013). Within the creative industries, the knowledge of how to attract, retain and convert attention is very important (Hartley et al. 2013). Due to the rapidly expanding wealth of information and content available to everyday consumers, attention has become a rare commodity. Contemporary attention is characterised by a consumers ability to switch…

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