New Product Essay

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Apple Inc. was founded on April 1, 1978 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne and is a Multinational Corporation that develops, design and sells computer software, personal computers and other hand held electronics. Apple’s headquarter is based in the United states in the state of California while there are 394 retail Apple Stores worldwide along with their online Apple Store and iTunes Store. As of 2012, Apple has attained annual revenue of $156 billion dollars and has a total of 72,800 employees. In terms of revenue, Apple is the world’s second largest information technology company just behind Samsung while they are the world’s third largest cellular phone maker behind both Samsung mobile and Nokia. In 2008, fortune magazine …show more content…
The new iPad is the third generation model in the iPad line of products which are portable, hand held tablet computers. These are like a laptop computer only these products don’t need a hard keyboard, everything is built inside or on the screen as these are touch screen devices. However, they tablets do in fact have attachable keyboard if you ever feel like typing at faster pace. The new iPad has a depth of .37 inches, it weighs approximately 1.44 pounds and have a height of 9.5 inches. On the other hand, Apple wanted to make this device more portable for its customers so they then introduced the iPad mini which has a depth of 7.2 milimeter, 23% thinner than the new iPad, its weighs .68 pounds and a height of 7.9 inches thus making it a next generation or platform product to the new iPad.
Next to be released was the iPhone 5 smart phone and the fifth generation iPod touch music player. The iPhone 5 is the sixth generation model in the iPhone product line which has a 4 inch display and 4g LTE connectivity. It also has the new Apple 6 chip operating system along with major improvements in the camera, retina display and is currently the thinnest, lightest and fast iPhone ever with a depth of 7.6 mm, it weighs 112g and its A6 chip make it runs 2x faster than the previous A5 chip used in the iPhone 4s; thus making this product a next generation or platform product to the previous iPone 4s. The iPhone 5 also have a voice command software called Siri,

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