New Political Governance Of Westminster Systems : Impartial Public Administration And Management Performance At Risk

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Aucoin, P. (2012). New Political Governance in Westminster Systems: Impartial Public Administration and Management Performance at Risk. Governance, 177-199.

This article analyzes the increasing political pressures in four parliamentary systems, which include Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. It looks at pressures from mass media, transparency in the government, more in depth audits, increased political competition and political restrictions in the electorate. The article then concludes that these pressures pose many risks to “impartial public administration and management performance.” The author states that these risks run very deep into administration to the points that it allows political staff to be their own force in the government, causes top public service jobs to become political, and influence public servants to become partisan. All these dangers in the parliamentary system at the administrative level can have an impact on the party in power not only while the party is in power but also during elections.

Campion-Smith, B. (2015, August 23). Fair Elections Act Will Bring Changes on Election Day [Electronic version]. The Toronto Star.

This article argues that the Fair Elections Act enacted by Stephen Harper in 2014 will have negative impacts on the current election, for the reasons that, the voter information card will not be accepted as valid proof of address, vouching is restricted, advanced polls, restrictions on Elections Canada and expanded…

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