New Planets Reflection Essay

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Entering this technologically and scientifically-advanced era has gradually been extremely beneficial for scientists as well as the population. With our new technology, we have gradually discovered more and more celestial bodies that may or may not be able to support life. Since 2005, we have found more and more ‘super-Earths’, which is a term used for an extrasolar planet that has a mass higher than planet Earth’s but below the mass of the solar systems’ gas giants. In some cases, these super-Earths contain water as well as potential living support. In 2011, fifty new planets were found. Sixteen of them are super-Earths. As the article states, these planets were found by a High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher – HARPS for …show more content…
The questions are endless. As the article states, there will be an upgrade HARPS hardware that will be able to conduct a more refined search of nearby rocky planets like Earth that could support life, as well as sun-like stars. Therefore, we will be able to discover life-supporting planets within reach. Perhaps, in the future, we will be able to travel to these planets, and find more resources that we could benefit from. On another note, if this does happen in the far-away future, I reckon that we should not take advantage of the planets like we did to this one. I hope that, if it does happen, that future generation will be intelligent enough to know what is wrong, and keep the planet intact with sufficient resources. The population, as well as scientist should also be interested in this great discovery since it is giving us a better understanding of what extrasolar planet systems are like – how close or far away they are from us and their host stars and how similar they are to the planets in the Milky Way. The important discovery featured in the article is remarkable. Not only can it contribute to our general knowledge of extrasolar planet systems, but it can also help with scientific and technical advancements for the future discoveries.
This article strongly connects to the Area of Interaction Environment because it focuses on the Earth and space, and discoveries in space. It also focuses on potential planets where we can one day go to,

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