New Opportunity For Millersville University Essay examples

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I’m writing to you on behalf of this new opportunity for Millersville University that my partner and I have noticed and discussed. Throughout our years at Millersville, both of us know five or more students that have failed at least one class or received less than the required C- for prerequisite courses and are now forced to retake it. Yes, there are numerous reasons as to why they failed, but we believe there could be a reason most people overlook. The students simply couldn’t process the information in the way it was presented by the professor. In other words, the students learning style did not match the professor’s teaching style.

While it is key for students to adapt to all teaching styles, some just simply do know how to adjust. We plan to try to resolve that problem by requiring each Millersville student to take an online survey. The survey is designed to retrieve information on students that have failed or need to retake a class and identifies the student 's learning style, tips, and study methods that work best for them.

Also, we plan on identifying each professor 's teaching style and making that information available for students when students are selecting classes. This will eliminate the uncertainty students have of not knowing which professor would be best suited for their preferred learning style. In addition, we plan on having professors attend workshops that will give them the tools and information necessary to help them become familiar and skilled with…

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