New College, University Of Oxford Essay

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Case Study: New College, University of Oxford
New College simplifies wireless access while increasing visibility and security
New College was looking for a new security automation and orchestration solution. The IT office at New College realized that although their homegrown authentication and registration solution had succeeded for many years, new security measures were needed because of student-driven demand for campus-wide wireless and wired connectivity. Among other capabilities, New College needed a solution that would enable them to:
• Dynamically manage switched ports that let students use the same password for wired as well as wireless access.
• Configure VLANs more productively and assign membership based on level of membership access.
• Reduce the incidence of virus-related outbreaks.
New College wanted to expand wireless capabilities and access to deliver infrastructure continuity to the entire campus. In addition, they wanted a solution that delivered real-time tracking of student use so they could maintain the operational integrity of the college’s network infrastructure.
New College is one of the largest of the three colleges within the University of Oxford colleges. It is, like all Oxford colleges, an autonomous, self-governing institution that handles its own overall infrastructure profile and needs. While all 38 individual colleges use the University’s switched Gigabit backbone that is where the system integration ends.
While the University…

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