Neuroscience 's Solutions And Redefinition Of Anxiety Essay

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Marilynn Bach
Professor Natasha Schull
STS.010 Neuroscience and Society
9 December 2014
Neuroscience’s Solutions and Redefinition of Anxiety Characterized by feelings of fatigue, nervousness, and overwhelming worry or fear, anxiety disorders affect almost forty million adults in the United States. The specific origin of anxiety is unknown, but possible causes include gender, genetics, culture, childhood environment, and the chemistry of the brain. As modern society becomes more fast-paced and stressful, anxiety disorders are becoming one of the most common mental illnesses and, consequently, there is an increase of neuroscience research on the potential causes and treatments. So far, no cure exists; however, many prescription medications are available, along with various types of therapy. Concurrently, as neuroscientists continue to search for more effective ways to help alleviate symptoms, they are also redefining anxiety. No longer a mental illness that can only be treated with therapy, anxiety disorders have become more of a biological problem, one that can be treated with both medication and therapy to help an individual feel “normal” again. Despite the possibilities of better treatments and perhaps a cure, neuroscience research on anxiety can create potentially complex dilemmas that also need to be addressed.
Anxiety’s origins point back to the ancient Greeks, who first termed the panicky behavior “hysteria”. It was thought to affect only women; in fact, the word…

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