Network Selection : A Important Step When Creating A Campaign For Childhood Obesity

1083 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Channel selection is a very important step when creating a campaign for childhood obesity. The two ways of communicating information with consumers are direct and indirect messages. Direct messages are face-to-face messages. Indirect messages are messages through TV, Internet, or newspaper. It is very important to know what channels the audience are most likely to use or trust in order to select the appropriate channels. It is also crucial to know what kind of channels to select in order to deliver the message in the appropriate form. Some of the communication channels that could be used are interpersonal communication channels, group communication channels, organizational or community communication channels, mass media communication channels, and interactive digital media communication channels. The interpersonal communication is basically face-to-face communication. It could be verbal or nonverbal depending on how you want to deliver the message. We will be using mostly verbal messages and some nonverbal messages will be used for our audience who are deaf or have hearing problems. Group communication is the interaction between members of a group of people. Group communication is a very effective way in decision making due to the combination of many members in one group and cumulating all members’ experiences and skills to come up with the right decision. Community communication channel is also very effective in targeting specific communities through radio channels. Mass…

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