Netflix : The Trade Offs Of Netflix Essay

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The trade-offs of Netflix
Netflix the endless library of movies, TV shows and the main reason people don’t have time for anything. Netflix provides easy access to many old and current shows that end up being watched by millions, and all good things have its trade-offs. Netflix targets every age group, but teens and college students are the one’s that are most likely to be sucked into the addiction of watching Netflix so much that they begin to show a decline in grades. Many of its users become so glued to Netflix that they, choose one or two more episodes instead of hours of sleep. Many users become isolated by Netflix that their social lives slowly decrease, by choosing Netflix over loved ones or family. The effect that Netflix has on its users is the decline in grades, lack of sleep, and horrible social life. Netflix has become easily one of the most addicting pass times for teens and college students causing them not to get their homework done. Netflix has many of users putting in tons of hours a day causing teens to avoid doing their homework. Many of these teens will be losing important knowledge because they whether would rather watch shows or movies over doing their homework. This would cause a huge decline in grades for many of these students while also impacting their school grades. Due to students having a decline in grades many parents will become upset with their child and not know that the reason is Netflix. There are college students that are more of the…

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