Netflix Case Study : Netflix Essay

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Netflix Case Study
Our team has chosen Netflix for the case study assignment. Netflix is a multidimensional company with a large audience, making it suitable for various promotional tactics. After researching and advertising through the month of November, our program planning will begin in December. When viewers watch any new movie on the holiday list, Netflix will donate a dollar to Toys for Tots in the spirit of the holidays. Toys for Tots is a popular charity that gives Christmas gifts to children whose families cannot afford to buy gifts.
Since Netflix’s audience is primarily comprised of millennials, we believe that charity is a great incentive to watch our holiday-themed programs. Millennials are proven to be receptive to promotions that give to a good cause; for example, Toys for Tots. This fundraiser will encourage our subscribers to spend more time watching Netflix. Additionally, the fundraiser will generate more new subscribers.
During the month of December, Netflix will have a banner at the top of all pages that encourages subscribers to contribute to the cause. The banner will also include the view counts of the subscribers and their funds generated through watching. View counts and funds tracking will encourage subscribers to continue watching programs, tell their friends about the event through the hashtag, and compete for who can raise more money.
SWOT Analysis
One of the first steps in our case study involves conducting a SWOT analysis. Conducting a SWOT…

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