Nestle Essay

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Background Of Nestle
1.0 History Of Nestle
The vast Nestlé Group started humbly with the vision of one Swiss chemist, Henri Nestlé. At a time when there was high infant mortality in Europe due to malnutrition, this dedicated man began experimenting with nutritious food supplements to overcome the problem. In 1867, he was approached to help an ailing premature infant who was unable to accept his mother's milk or any of the conventional substitutes. The infant began to take the milk food supplement he had developed, and a life was saved. The product, called Farine Lactée Nestlé, was soon marketed throughout much of Europe, and a new brand name began to take on life. In 1905, the Nestlé Company merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk
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The worm in the beak of the mother bird was removed from the Nestle logo in 1988. In addition, an extra fledgling was also added to the corporate identity, reflecting the company’s efforts to to diversify its product line and target new market opportunities. The logo also signified the modern family with two children.

2.0 Achievements of Nestle
As the leading Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé is the provider of the best food for whatever time of day and for whatever time of your life. Nestlé has grown to become the world's largest food company offering more than 8,500 brands and 10,000 products. With its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, Nestlé has more than 456 factories spread over 80 countries, and employs more than 283,000 people.

3.0 The External Environment Of Business
External environment consists of everything outside an organization’s boundaries that might affect the success or failure of an organization. Nestle can be the world's largest food company is due to the element of the external environment of business.

3.1 Domestic Business Environment
It refers to the environment in which a firm conducts its operations and derives its revenues by seeking to be close to customers, building relationship with suppliers and distinguishing itself from competitors. Domestic business Environment affecting Nestle business because there are too many famous and popular

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