Nestle Essay

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Executive Summary The following report supports our thoughts and goals regarding the market development of Nestlé’s Milo. Overseas, Milo has realized success in the marketplace for over half a century. Through our research and findings, we have determined Milo to be a potentially effective product in the United States. Recent global focus on individual health, specifically among children in schools, calls for a drink that provides all of the necessary nutrients for the active youth. As part of a well established global company such as Nestlé, the building blocks are in place for the growth and popularity for Milo. Our report centers mostly on the importance of promotion and place for the success of our firm and our product. In an …show more content…
For this report, our firm is focusing on a branch of Nestlé’s food line located mainly in Australia. Nestlē’s Milo was launched in the 1930’s to give children a beverage full of nutrients during the worldwide depression. As a firm, we are looking to expand Milo’s market by bringing it to the United States where the demand for healthier food is dramatically rising. Although Milo is known overseas to be popular among children and adults, our focus is promoting a popular and well balanced drink to the maturing youth. This report gives reasoning and support to our belief that Milo has the potential to be an attractive product in the United States while having a strong market impact. Our studies stress the importance of distribution (place) and promotion to the success of our product. We will expand on ideas such as the competitive positioning of the company, marketing objectives, and the direction of the firm. We have high hopes for Milo and the Nestlé Corporation as a whole as our long term goals continue to be strived towards. Part A - Analysis
Nestlé is an international conglomerate that currently has 24% of the global market share of the nutrition, health and wellness market space. The company’s diversified offerings include nutritional supplements, frozen foods, chocolate, beverages and pet food. Pediasure and

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