Nervous Conditions By John Hardy Essay

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Nervous Conditions a novel about the ongoing journey about Tambu, a girl, fighting for the right to go to school and receive an education. Throughout the novel, there are many conflicts that make achieving her goal a difficult process. For being a woman, her family being poor and being an African. The novel is not just about Tambu’s struggles, but about other people in her family such as her aunts and cousin. The novel Nervous Conditions carries out the theme of discrimination between class, family and gender.
In the novel, there is a clear diction between the two worlds of poor and rich and a number of instants where class discrimination is a major conflict. Between the families the issue of class is largely known. Tambu’s family has the least money, they struggle to send their children to school and have to ask for help from the other families. “I do not ever remember understanding since we had fair rains that year, our crops were poor in the year that I began school…This meant there was no money in the house. No money meant no school fees. No school fees meant no school.” (13). With the money being difficult to come by only one of their children is capable of going to school the eldest son, Nhamo. With Nhamo being the only one to be able to receive and education creates a problem for Tambu who desires an education. Although Nhamo is getting an education it is only with the help from Uncle Babamukuru. It was well know that Babamukuru had money and was successful, he had…

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