Nelson Mandela Movie Analysis

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This movie is based on an autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Mandela is a lawyer from South Africa. In the 1940s, when the law under the Apartheid systems cruel authoritarianism proves useless for his nation, he joins the African National Congress (ANC). They did a lot of preaching and protesting. He wanted everybody no matter the race to all be treated the same and all have equal rights. But what was happening was blacks were being separated from the whites. The whites were taking over the country. Mandela spends most of his time working to get his country back then spending time with his family. Because of this Mandela’s wife gets fed up and decides to leave with their kids. Mandela ends up meeting Minnie, a women who also happens to have the …show more content…
Therefore, it is without any doubt interpreted in his meaning of the apartheid years. Or could it be that this is the side that Mandela wanted us to see. The movie is based on Mandela’s words not his life, criticism leveled at his story can also be directed at the movie. For instance, the movie, as his story, intends to explain the decisions that were made by Mandela to use extreme force against the apartheid state. Along with other people from the African National Congress, he arranged a group of paramilitary, that exploded buildings in South Africa so they can destroy the Government. The movie does not hesitate from what could be explained as terrorism. Although the movie director decided to follow the disagreements specified by Mandela in his story. We can monitor the same rare occurrence from happening for the Soweto uprising in 1976. While watching this movie, we see that the riot was started by the group of that time in South Africa, who was never in contact with the original group of ANC leaders. Because Mandela did not explain much when it came to Soweto in his story the movie did not spend as much time on it. The Soweto disturbance was influential in making a new governmental environment in South Africa that immediately led to politicization for the people of South

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