Why Was Nelson Mandela A Role Model For So Many People In The World?

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Task 1

Why is he a role model for so many people in the word?

Mandela got prisoned in South Africa under the Apartheid regime because of his political opinions. But that was not the only reason. It was because of his skin color, because he was a black man with strong opinions. This was not allowed in the country in that period, because the leaders were afraid of black people with strong voices. The way Nelson Mandela is a role model for so many people in the world, must be of his forgiveness. Even though he had spent 27 years of his life in a terrible prison on an island, 13 kilometers away from Cape Town, he wanted to forgive and to make peace in the country. Most people will not show this forgiveness when so many years of their life were
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Like Mandela did all his life, Gandhi fought against the majority in India, the British. The people of Gandhi and Mandela were both a minority in their country. For many years they had been undermined, but they did not wanted to take revenge. All they ever wanted was equality. Like Mandela did after he got out of Robben Island, fought Gandhi by words. Not by guns. Not by destroying. But by their mouths and their pens. Gandhi spent also several years of his life in prison. Not as long as Mandela though. In addition of his mouth, he used boycotting and hunger striking as weapons. As result of Gandhi`s work, India became independent in 1947. Mandela and the black people did the same, almost 50 years later. They managed to abolish the Apartheid regime in 1994. Therefore, to make a long story short, Mandela did the same as Gandhi, only decades after …show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. had a talent for speaking. He knew that when he used repetitions and a good rhythm, it probably would be easier for the people to listen and to get the crowd of people with him. He used the holy bible, Declaration of Independence and the American constitution to write the speech, and therefore the language he used reached out to everybody. When I say he used repetition, I mean that repeated the most important words a lot. For example “I have a dream …” was used in front of several of the most important sentences in the speech. Before great sentences, he could take pauses. This happened especially when he used “I have a dream …” in the beginning of the sentence and completed for example with “… that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.” This created curiosity and engagement, which is important in a speech in front of an assembly of two hundred thousands people. These are important elements to make a speech as such powerful as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did. Speeches like that will never been forgotten, and those will always be a part of the great American history. I mean that his former occupation as a priest was an important part of his talent as a great

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