Nelson Mandel A Lawyer From South Africa Essay

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This movie is based on an autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Mandela is a lawyer from South Africa. In the 1940s, when the law under the Apartheid systems cruel authoritarianism proves useless for his nation, he joins the African National Congress (ANC). They did a lot of preaching and protesting. He wanted everybody no matter the race to all be treated the same and all have equal rights. But what was happening was blacks were being separated from the whites. The whites were taking over the country. Mandela spends most of his time working to get his country back then spending time with his family. Because of this Mandela’s wife gets fed up and decides to leave with their kids. Mandela ends up meeting Minnie, a women who also happens to have the same beliefs as him and they fall in love and eventually get married. Mandela fought for many years to ensure his freedom and ends up going to jail along with the others of the ANC. While he was in jail, Minnie took over the ANC. She was also thrown in and out of jail. The authorities tortured her the entire time. His kids were not able to visit him until they were the age of sixteen. But their mother reminded them every day of who their father was. As years passed by, the black community continued to be abused. However, the word of Mandela continued on also. People, who did not know the original ANC leaders, still preached and protested. The violence just got worse and worse though. After 20 years in jail, the president makes a deal…

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