Nelson And Nelson Mandel A Leader Among Leaders

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Samantha Otis
English 12, Block 3
Critical Research Essay

A Leader Among Leaders

In South Africa, the word “Rolihlahla” roughly translates to troublemaker. Coincidently that is what Nelson was named, and turned out to be. Born into the Madiba clan in the Mvezo village, of Transkei, on July 1918, Rolihlahla Mandela came to be one of history’s greatest leaders. Given the name Nelson, due to a custom to give all school children “Christian” name, Mandela would soon come to be known world-wide. From his early studies at Clarkebury Boarding Institute, and commitment to the African National Congress, he became largely invested in politics. Little did he know that he would be fighting one of the biggest social issues of his time and changing
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Like Mandela, McCandless began his interest in politics at a young age. Similarly, neither of them approved of the way their governments were run and wanted a way to change it. Both had tried ways to get involved and transform the way their governments were ran; only Mandela succeeded in making an actual difference in his government. As Chris McCandless states, “How I feed myself is none of the governments business. Fuck their stupid rules” (Krakuer, p.6). Another similarity between the two would be the dedication towards their goals. Nelson Mandela, even during the violent years of his involvement in the ANC, had always wished to help abolish the governmental standard of apartheid. Mandela pursued and completed his goal, fulfilling his life dream. Chris McCandless, on the other hand, had wished to leave the social standards behind and live off of the land. Once he had graduated high school, he gave away all of his funds from his family, left his house and phone behind and took off on the road. He found peace and happiness in doing this which led him to live a fulfilling life! Both McCandless and Mandela were dedicated, and passionate toward all things that they did, making both a figure to look up to and both had large impacts on the world in different ways, and continue to make an impacts

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