Neighborhood 3 : Requisition Of Doom Essay

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The play “Neighborhood 3: Requisition Of Doom” has the central idea of a virtual reality game that destroys the lives of both the children and parents due to the negligence of the parents on their children. Neighborhood 3 is a game which is played by the children in the play. The main objective of the game is to kill the Zombies which pretty much looked like the parents. And a neighborhood association is an association in the play that requires all of its residents to have similar houses and maintain them properly about which parents like Leslie and Tyler are concerned about. The parents were concerned about their appearances and totally left their children inattentive. The parents looked like Zombies in the game and they were the same in neighborhood as they were inattentive towards their children. The children get so deceived and absorbed that they could not differentiate between the real world and the virtual environment of the game and kill their parents at the final chapter of the game. All the parents were inattentive towards their children as zombies in the real life world and it was that led to the death by their own children in the case of Joy and Blake.While other players of the game Neighborhood faced problems of violence and deceptiveness from the game.
Leslie is a parent who is much more concerned about the Neighborhood Association and the appearance of their house rather than her children and this is the cause of the increasing deceptiveness towards the game…

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