Negotiation Is All The Tools That Make You A Better Negotiator

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The other day, my daughter came in to my study room and asked me for help with her homework. We negotiated that while I’m writing my paper, write down all your problems and I will help you when I will be done. What we did “negotiation” this is what we do on a daily basis, numerous time we are negotiating and are unaware of the fact that we are negotiating. “Negotiation is a process by which we attempt to influence others to help us achieve our needs while at the same time taking their needs into account”. (Lewicki, Saunders, Minton). How we negotiate is really who we are, how much we prepared, and how well we use the knowledge of negotiations as required by the situations. The study/research, literature, tactics are all the tools that make you a better negotiator.
1. Preparation:
“We cannot overestimate the importance of preparation - the cornerstone of successful negotiation” (Mnookin, Peppet, and Tulumello 2000). My first negotiation was on the Coffee Contract. I came prepared, knew my starting point, my target, and resistance points. I started by defining my objectives, my needs & wants than exploring the target and resistance points of my opponent. I informed that this brand would take us to a new standard; it was an upgrade for us. I showed my intention that I am interested in getting this coffee brand to the hotel franchise. In this negotiation my BATNA was weak because I didn’t want to continue with the lower grade coffee and liked to seize this upgrade opportunity,…

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