Negotiating A Media Effects Model Essay

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1. Turner, J. S. (2014). Negotiating a media effects model: Addendums and adjustments to Perloff 's framework for social media 's impact on body image concerns. Sex Roles, 71(11-12), 393-406. doi:

This paper 's main focus is on the ideas that social media put inside our minds, therefore, helping us construct the perfect body image. This paper also touches on how little we know on the subject and we need to become more aware because social media is playing a major role in today 's ideal body image. It also touches base on how we look to others. (society) to get approval and how its social media teaches us how to visualize the perfect body. but it also does, though on how even though there is a correlation between social media and body dissatisfaction some people believe that there is not enough proof to justify this theory.

2. Dittmar, H. (2009). How do 'body perfect ' ideals in the media have a negative impact on body image and behaviours? factors and processes related to self and identity. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 28(1), 1-8. Retrieved from

This article touches on how body image has become the main aspect of physical and mental well-being. Its main focus is to address whether or not the media play a role in the negative impact of today 's ideal body image. This article is also looking at how the media 's…

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