Negative Perception Of Immigration

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This research paper provides insight into the perception of immigrants and some of the views and stereotypes associated with immigrants by two students attending a university in Maryland. The students were given the opportunity to express their views and provide their definitions for immigrants, migrants, and illegal immigration. The research was proposed to investigate and determine if the views and attitudes toward migrants, immigrants, and illegal immigration were similar. Based on an identical set of a survey questions administered via paper during an interview session. I hypothesize that individuals who do not have any knowledge about and or any connection to immigrants, migrants, or immigration will have a more negative perception …show more content…
Many migrant workers come to the USA to work because there are more jobs readily available to them and the pay wages is usually much more lucrative. Migrant workers come to the USA in hopes of making enough money to take care of their families. “The primary goal of immigrant workers all over the world is to send money home. The “remittances” from immigrant workers to their home countries in 2006 amounted to over $100 billion.” (Brown, 2007) Migrant workers who work in the USA usually send most of the money they make back to their home country, and the income they generate impacts their home countries economy positively because they are providing money for their family to spend on goods and services which will boost their countries economy. Migrant workers help boost the USA economy because they are usually willing to do jobs that the average citizen may not want to do. “Available or unemployed national workers are unwilling to fill low-status jobs because of poor pay, dangerous conditions, and the existence of alternative welfare provisions.” (Cholewinski, 2005) Migrant workers affect USA’s economy because most of them are not hired legally and as a result are unable to pay taxes to assist in boosting the country’s

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