Negative Impacts Of Tourism In Dubai

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Register to read the introduction… Growth in Middle East tourism is forecast to reach an annual 7.1 per cent until 2020, against the world's average of 4.1 per cent”. (1) This is the long term effect of tourism in Dubai.

In one hand the development of tourism increases the GDP and the image of Dubai; on the other hand, it has a true impact on the environment. We will look at the consequences of the constructions of Islands around Dubai as a main
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In truth, the tourism sector generates tons of rubbish: for example, a single cruise ship rejects 7000 tones of solid waste every year. These solid wastes, in areas of high touristic concentration, are present even in the most remote and less frequented places.
Furthermore, aesthetic pollution engenders difficulties integrating certain tourism infrastructure, including coastal accommodations, in valleys or along picturesque roads: for example, the artificial islands under construction on the coast-line of Dubai, which make the reputation of the emirate in the world, provoke the anxiety of the environmentalists, who fear their impact on the environment. Palm Jumeirah and two other islands "palm ", as well as "The World", group of islands forming a globe, are part of colossal plans which Dubai launched to establish itself as a worldwide destination of
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On the short run, it develops infrastructures of the country and generates profit for businesses. On the long run, tourism increases national income though investments. However, far from the positive impacts of tourism, it provokes many negative impacts, mostly on the environment: from physical pollution to aesthetic pollution as it has resulted, partly, from the construction of different Islands on the coastline of Dubai.

As a solution to our problem, the tourism sector in Dubai is a remarkable way of increasing returns for the country; however, even if many decisions have been taken to decrease its side effects, more has to be done. By investing more on road construction to decrease traffics, by putting quotas on the number of cars one person can hold for example. This will result to a fall in the total number of vehicles, hence, of pollution. On the other hand, public transportation (metro, bus) has to be far more improved to incite people to choose to take the public mean rather than the private one. To make a road line only for buses will be a good idea as well. Finally, a very important solution will be to exponentially increase awareness of the general public, through educational explanatory programs in schools, new regulations with strict penalties and sanctions, and continuous funding from influential and prominent members of the local

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