Why Is Illegal Immigration Bad

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Is Illegal Immigration Bad?
Is illegal immigration in the United States really as bad as everyone makes it seem? Well, it is not as bad as everyone make it seem but it is certainly not good for the United States. Some of the undocumented immigrants that just walk straight across the Texas-Mexico border avoid paying taxes, and although they take the jobs that no one wants to do they still stop legal US citizens from getting them, and there is a large amount of them already here and it just keeps on growing. Although they do not pay taxes, take jobs, and there are so many of them here we should not kick them out of the United States or build a giant wall, we should just focus on bettering our security along the southern border.
Many, but not all of the immigrants that come here illegally avoid paying their taxes. Although about fifty percent of the undocumented immigrants pay their taxes and they pay a lot, an estimate of about twelve
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Although they do have a point because most of these undocumented immigrants cause problems we should not send them out, it will be way too expensive, hurt our national economy and our citizens will be taxed even more. According to studies by Dr. Rich Swier deporting all the undocumented immigrants back will cost the taxpayers an extra one hundred thirteen billion dollars and the US federal government a total of four hundred billion to six hundred billion dollars. This will hurt the overall economy of the United States by causing the debt to increase from nineteen and a half trillion dollars to about twenty trillion dollars. So instead of to send the illegal immigrants out we should do as President Regan once did and make everyone currently in the United States a US citizen and make better use of our money by saving our money to use to pay off some of the debt we are currently in or by bettering our cities and

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