Negative Effects Of Television Essay

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The negative effects of television.
Television is a great invention, being a good source of entertainment, education and is a powerful tool in economic growth. Television has become a member of each and every single family and time spent next to it exceeds the amount of time spent together with any other family member. One of the major objectives of television is to give the viewers pleasure,programs ,sports and games aired are actually meant to entertain the viewers. It has become an integral part of the culture of every family that once a member is bored, tired after a long working day one only needs to turn the television on. The fact that a little effort is required while communicating with the television,
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How do commercials on television achieve their sole purpose of persuading you to buy their stuffs? They actually make people feel bad themselves and then promise to sell to you products that will improve your self esteem. Commercials on television are actually meant to emotionally manipulate consumers. Children tend to easly get hooked since most do not evaluate what they see. All the men shown on television are muscular and handsome and the ladies shown are very skinny, curvy and their faces and bodies look like a total perfection. On the other hand the less handsome or beautiful are portrayed as unfortunate looking mostly by the roles they play or even made fun of. This has led to numerous eating disorders and teenagers spending a lot of money to buy products so that to look and feel better. Therefore teenagers end up consuming products either to be more beautiful, blonde,muscular,curvy ,brown or dark according to their concept of beauty without actually considering the side effects of it. Some of the cosmetics have adverse hazardous effects to the human body if not taken or applied with precautions. Commercial adverts also make children believe that happiness is associated with certain products and everything they need for a good life is on …show more content…
Parents should admit that most television programs are junk despite the fact that some are educational and thought provoking. Many programs have no good, positive impact on intelligence. Television programs usually have quick information,analysis and criticism on a lot of issues. Having all this in a cheap manner slowly makes children not to use their own critical thinking skills. Children are more prone to grasp the message the television is sending,so parents need to teach them on what to take. Television programs are too short so as to match children's attention spam. The programs do not provide children with any decent thought to stimulate discussion since they do not dedicate enough time on a single topic. The truth is that children will prefer the television for all the research work. They then easily form opinions without allowing the information to first be digested and filtered through their minds and without searching to find out the truth that requires effort. Parents may think that through the television children are becoming more knowledgeable but actually the truth is, they become

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