Negative Effects Of Tartrazine: Lemon Yellow Azo Dye

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Tartrazine is a chemical that contains numerous positive and negative effects. It is a lemon yellow azo dye mainly used as a food coloring. It has no taste, but s commonly used in foods we eat. Tartrazine’s chemical symbol is C16H9N4Na3a2. The molar mass of Tartrazine is 534.3g/mol. Also, Tartrazine’s melting point is 300 c. It is often used in bakeries on frosting and other pastries to add a splash of color into it. It is extensively used for a variety of different products. But, if it is consumed, it can cause allergic reactions and countless of other negative effects.
Tartrazine is as Azo Dye, which is a chemical compound where two hydrocarbon groups are joined by two nitrogen atoms. It is found in food coloring, which is often
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Tartrazine is found in a diversity of different foods such as Macaroni and Cheese, Captain Crunch cereal, Canned Pie Filling, etc. (Mark, 2012) It’s also found in many desserts such as yellow cake mixes, M7M’s, gummy bears, marshmallow treats, yellow gelatins, lemon curd, and yellow ice cream. (Williams, 2017) It is not only found in foods but it is also utilized for medicinal drugs and cosmetics such as shampoo and makeup. Sometimes it is even fed to chickens to make the egg yolks more yellow. (Botes, 2011) Therefore, Tartrazine occupies in abundant quantities of everyday uses and is useful to build a cake for your child’s …show more content…
From make- up and cake to damaging DNA and even causing types of skin disease. It’s found in countless products we use and in products we eat. It’s used to add a splash of color to our foods and/or desserts, but people now must worry about the side effects it may cause after consumption. Although we won’t be able to taste it in our foods, we still must eat with caution because of the side effects it can cause. If consumed, soon after people may have many effects that may immediately appear. They may get a migraine, which is painful, but is minor compared to the other given effects. Some people will get the worst part of the effect, which is more so as Carpal Tunnel, anxiety attacks, migraines and clinical depression. It is not only detrimental to humans, but it could also injure a man’s best friend, since Tartrazine is detected in dog food. No one would want that for their loving pets. It is so deleterious, that it is even interdicted in some countries. But not only are negatives detrimental and dangerous, but the positives in Tartrazine are extremely convenient and utilitarian. The medicinal drugs, maquillage, pastries, and multitudinous delectable treats are what make Tartrazine functional and convenient. So before you add that blush or drink that lemonade, think about the negatives and how harmful that product may be towards you and your

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