Negative Effects Of Social Media On Social Relationships

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Social Media has changed our lives completely, people communicate so much more through the keyboard instead of picking up the phone. Relationships can suffer from the lack of real communication, although some friendships grow after seeing a quick message of hello. It can help people who are socially isolate or shy connect with people; on the other hand, it is correlated with personality and brain disorders such as the need for instant gratification, ADHD and addictive personalities. One simple like or comment could create and everlasting friendship or it could ruin one. The media hurts relationships because of all of the personal news that they report to us. We look at superstars who we hope will make it and then see that now they split up. …show more content…
So much of the media today is solely blaming the technology for harm done, but the people who are involved are just as responsible. With technology giving us answers at the click of a button we have more access to all sorts of information. With this easily accessible information how does it negatively impact our behaviors on a daily basis, especially when it comes to social interact.

Social networking creates new social connections and may rekindle old ones. You can literally look anyone up based on specific criteria. Had social media not been such a great impact on society, relationships would be drastically different. They may have be better due to the fact that they would not seek validation from such a vast amount of people in competition for likes or little smiley face comments. The overall statistics of relationships: 10% of internet users who are married or partnered say that the internet has had a “major impact” on their relationship, and 17% say that it has had a “minor impact.” Fully 72% of married or committed online adults said the internet has “no real impact at all” on their partnership. ( With couples
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Given the fact that social media is relatively new being only 12 years old we have no comprehension of the long term affects it will have on human behavior. Although, some may argue it is groundbreaking in terms that it creates a connection to a whole other world humans are merely looking into a screen instead of the person next to them who may need just a simple conversation. Relationships with loved ones can be easily influenced by other people’s love quotes and situations as people may confirm to a opinion they may have not thoroughly thought of before based solely on the fact they saw a post online. Everyday influence on behavior is perswayed by a processor, and in turn our internal computers are adapting to the ever changing technology we are being exposed to unknowingly. A lot of people are putting value on followers, likes and comments and not realizing that being famous on Instagram and Facebook could be equivalent to being rich in monopoly despite a possible endorsement deal. Merely everyone looks up to glorifying or shaming these media whores when in all reality they influence their behavior unbeknown to them. It is merely a business where instant-fame stars are endorsing a brand. Most people who scroll their time lines daily or double tap a picture or leave a smiley face on their crushes picture feel

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