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Methamphetamine (meth) has become a huge issue within the United States. In 2012 the National survey on drug use and health said approximately four percent of the United States population reported using meth within the last year of that four percent, two percent admitted to using in the past month (NIH, 2016). Meth is made from varies types of different chemicals that can be very harmful to the boy. Using meth can have a negative impact on the individual, his or her everyday life, friends, and family of meth users. Meth is very addicting and often times a person can become addicted to it the first time he or she uses it. Because it is very addicting it also makes treatment very difficult. Many treatment options revolve around rehab programs …show more content…
Meth can change a person’s personality make them a very different person then he or she once was. It can also cause serious health issues on the body. Meth can also cause a person taking it to lose a lot of weight due to lose of appetite. He or she can become gaunt. Sores can also develop from using meth. These sores are most commonly found on the face. It can cause a person seem anxious, confused, and disturbed (Narconon, 2016). This can affect the individual’s everyday life due to all the side effects of meth. Family and friends have to witness their love on basically destroy his or her life. Even when they try to help the person addicted to meth may not want help. This can be very hard on family and friends. They may also try and spend money on getting the person help which may or may not …show more content…
It can also be hard for a person to get help if he or she does not want help. There are many treatment centers around the United States to help people to get off meth. Matrix Model is a treatment options for meth users. It is a 16-week behavior treatment. It uses therapy, family education, individual counseling, and drug testing, It also encourages non-drug-related activities to help reduce use. Another treatment option is a program called Motivational incentives for enhancing drug abuse recovery. This program uses incentive to help promote abstinence from using

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