Negative Effects Of Cleaning Products

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Nowadays, we buy lots of products and things and most of those products we buy might have negative impacts on us humans, the environment and animals. Many of these products enter our homes and the one that is frequently used are cleaning products. Cleaning products mainly consist of toxic chemicals that can have a great impact on our health and the environment. Why would you risk your health? Cleanliness is an important thing and we all want our homes to be clean and free of germs, but what people don’t know that there are several ways we can avoid using cleaning products that are filled with toxic components and we can use other natural products and materials that would give the same result as cleaning products.

First of all, the main negative
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Think about your family and what you bring bring to your house that might might be dangerous to them and their health. There are many alternatives that can replace these chemical-filled products like for example, baking soda where it cleans and deodorizes, unscented soap, lemon which is a strong food-acids that can kill bacteria, white vinegar which removes grease, odors, stains and wax build up, you can also use Isopropyl alcohol which is a great disinfectant and lastly, cornstarch which can be used to polish furniture, clean windows, carpets and rugs. Most of these alternatives can be found at home and if not they can be found in any supermarket and at affordable …show more content…
These chemicals enter our waterways by just rinsing down drains and flushing toilets as your homes are being cleaned. Most substances that pollute the water are removed by water treatment facilities, but when it comes to those three chemicals mentioned, they are not removed by the water treatment process, but they instead enter our waterways and keep on building up. This build up of chemicals cause the fast growth of certain plants that later on clog waterways that will eventually effect animals and marine plants.
Air contamination is another major negative impact that is resulted from using cleaning products. VOCs that have been mentioned earlier that cause health problems can also cause problems outdoors if they are released.
Another environmental concern can be also the use of products that contain petroleum based chemicals that is an important and non-renewable resource and the increase in the reliance on imported

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