The Negative Consequences Of Globalization In The United States

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There are many negative consequences of globalization, so I find it difficult to focus on just one. In my opinion, they are equally important. Deforestation, terrorism, the spread of infectious diseases, the slave trade, and inequality are all a result of globalization. Although, these are all topics that are of deep concern, I chose to focus on the power behind it all. An increase in power for one of the largest and wealthiest nations on earth, the United States of America, has caused an increase of Americanization, capitalism, greed, parochialism, and much more. Globalization must have a world system. Without a world system, there would be no sense of order and everyone would remain powerful and equal only amongst his own state boundaries. I chose to focus on power as a negative consequence, because of the damage created worldwide due to the structural concerns within the world system. Due to the focus mainly on capitalism, there has been a dominance of their customs and values forced upon others, as they also have one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Cultures are fighting for their human rights and to maintain traditions that are the foundation of their indigenous ancestors. Although we are a world culture, we are significantly diverse. This is a benefit, not a curse to our society. …show more content…
This has caused division in worldwide relationships, while disputing unjust policies and procedures. This developed nation has also been targeted and blamed for the Great Depression, that effected globalization and was problematic for countries around the world. Under the control of the United States, and other powerful nations, the world’s population still lives in an abundance of poverty, without access to clean water or electricity. Worldwide health is slowly declining and mortality rates are at a proliferate increase. All the while, the rich are increasing in

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